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Course Durations

Courses are designed to be completed in 12 weeks from date of confirmation, doing one week's work each week. 1-credit courses may be completed in 6 weeks.

Individualized Instruction

CALCampus courses are designed and taught by qualified instructors for individual, one-to-one study, as opposed to pre-scheduled group classes. This provides the benefit of a high level of individualization and attention to the student's needs. Students work offline and use the online medium for communication with their instructors and for submitting homework.

Course Materials

1) Most courses use a hardcopy textbook that the student buys. Each course description specifies if a textbook is needed, and those are available for ordering through the Bookstore in our Online Campus. CALCampus uses course textbooks that are published by nationally-recognized, educational publishers, following national standards.
2) Some courses also provide PowerPoints, online videos, and/or teacher-written lessons.
3) Each course has a syllabus which is provided for the student at the beginning of the course.

Honor Code System

CALCampus operates on the Honor Code System. The student provides his signature on each course registration form acknowledging that he will do his own academic work and that all assignments, quizzes, and exams submitted for evaluation will be done solely by the student. All research assignments must be clearly documented according to standard citation guidelines. The student is required to adhere to all school policies.


Students do their exams at their home location. Midterm and Final Exams are proctored. Instructors may require additional proctored exams.

Homework and Teacher-Student Interaction

We use traditional instructional methods. There are weekly homework assignments, projects, exams, and research papers. Students study on their own weekly schedule, prepare homework offline, usually with a word processor, and send assignments to the course teacher each week. For Mathematics courses, students normally hand write their work, scan it into a PDF, and submit that for evaluation.

Students may NOT submit more than one week's work at one time. We do not operate that way. Students are to submit one week's work in a week; wait for comments and grades; and then they may proceed to the next week's work.

Communication with instructors is done through a combination of the Course Management System and Internet e-mail. Your instructors are also available to you through weekly online office periods during which you may stop by to chat. Additional meetings with your instructor may be scheduled, by appointment.

Homework assignments are submitted weekly by the student, ONE assignment per week. The instructor evaluates the assignment and sends comments and grading to the student. Then, the student progresses to the next assignment. Do not submit batches of assignments at the last minute; they will not be accepted in a batch.

Rolling Admissions

We have individual rolling admissions which allows students to enter at any time throughout the year.

Registration and Admissions Procedure

For individual courses, after we have received your course registration form, you are e-mailed by the Registrar with official confirmation of course enrollment. Then, you are e-mailed a welcome message by your instructor. We will create your student account and e-mail you with your log-in information.

Student Account

As a CALCampus student, you will have your own CALCampus User ID and password, which you will use to enter the online campus whenever you wish. The campus allows you to download course materials and to communicate with your instructors.

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