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Student Testimonials

Here are comments from prior and current CALCampus students who completed college level courses in our Postsecondary Division. For comments from students and parents in our High School Division, use the link at the bottom of this page.
  • I needed to take MTH307 College Geometry for mathematics certification. I already am a certified high school science teacher. CALCampus provided excellent service and served my purpose. I have recommended your course to two other teachers. Super. Keep it up. -- Lisa G., Illinois
  • I needed to take a 3 credit hour course to complete my B.A. degree and enter an MBA program. I took SH310 College Chemistry. I was able to complete the course at my own pace, receive credit, and I started the MBA program in time. -- Nicholas H., Michigan
  • I took TSL302 English Linguistics, which was a major requirement for English at my college. I thought the class went extremely smooth and the pace was great. My teacher was excellent with getting back to me and helping me with any problems I had. I think CALCampus is great and the staff is wonderful. Every time I call there, no matter what time it is, someone is there to handle my phone calls. Thanks a lot. I look forward to taking more classes with CALCampus! -- Shannon F., Massachusetts
  • I took BU320 Accounting I as a pre-requisite for an MMM program. It qualified me to take the advanced course I needed. The instructor was very quick to provide feedback and support. -- Timothy G., United Kingdom and Illinois
  • I needed MTH304 Intermediate Algebra for transfer credit to a local community college for an Associate's degree. This class served an important role. This was my last class toward my AA. I appreciate online classes that meet my needs because I work a lot and do not have time to attend a normal classroom setting. This course was all that I expected and more. CALCampus was a good experience for me and I would not change anything. -- Shell C., California
  • I took MTH303 Basic College Mathematics. This was the last class I needed to fulfill getting my Associate's degree. I was very satisfied with taking this class from CALCampus. You were all very helpful and the teacher was very easy to get along with. Thanks! If I needed to take other classes, I would not hesitate at all to take them from CALCampus. Great experience. -- Denise H., Arizona
  • I took SH321 College Biology II as a pre-requisite for graduate was convenient, fit my schedule and allowed me to understand the biology I needed to get into other classes. -- Joseph S., California
  • I took MTH311 Business Mathematics to meet credit requirements for math teacher certification. I am still in the process of taking more courses at far the classes have been exactly what I needed. I had a great teacher who was available to answer any questions I had. This has been a great experience. -- Melissa S., Tennessee
  • I just completed MTH305 College Algebra at CALCampus. This was a requirement for achieving my undergraduate degree. My only complaint is that I never found you earlier!! Every facet of this process, starting with the registration straight through to finishing the class, was so organized. Everyone that I had to deal with was not only prompt with their replies, they were also courteous and professional. Thank you again for a great experience! -- Mark F., Massachusetts
  • I failed an English placement test at my college, so I had to take EN300 College Basic English in order to go back this fall. The course was quite informative, and the professor did a great job in making comments. He also did a great job in getting the graded assignments back to me. -- Dave R., California
  • I needed to take a calculus class as a pre-requisite for an MBA. I took MTH315 Beginning Calculus I. It gave me the basis I needed for other studies this coming year. Very nice course. Very good textbook. The instructor was supportive and helpful throughout the course. -- Shelly K., Israel and North Carolina
  • I needed an affordable way to complete a pre-requisite for a graduate program. I took EN310 College English Composition I. CALCampus was very helpful in allowing me to meet my goal and was there every step of the way. I had a great instructor. His feedback was always very clear, relevant and constructive. It was my pleasure to have him as my instructor. CALCampus provides a very useful service. Thank you for all of your help in my endeavors. -- Christopher M., Pennsylvania
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