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Refer to Course List link below for courses currently available for enrollment.

Individual Courses

CALCampus offers courses in a variety of academic subject areas to students from other schools, as well as to those who are not currently enrolled in a school. We serve various types of people:
  • Students who would like to take certain courses for transfer credit into their own schools
  • Students who need to take a course as an admission requirement for college
  • People who need to take a course to advance in their career
  • People desiring adult basic education courses
  • People who simply want to learn about a subject
The program of study at CALCampus offers many benefits to students:
  • Our rolling admission allows students to start their course at any time during the year
  • Our school is regionally, nationally, and internationally accredited
  • Students only take the courses that they need

CALCampus courses are accredited and taught by highly qualified and experienced online teachers who also have experience in teaching at conventional schools and colleges.

See the Course List for the list of currently offered courses. Click on the course numbers to read the course descriptions. Check the individual course descriptions for prerequisites.

If taking a course for transfer into another school or for an organization, check with them to get approval before registering. The decision to accept a course from any other school is always made by the receiving institution.

Once you have selected an individual course, go to our Admissions page for further instructions.

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College Level Courses

The CALCampus Postsecondary Division offers individual college courses to students from other colleges and to individual learners for professional development needs. Our college courses have been accepted by a wide range of colleges, universities, and professional organizations throughout the United States and the world. College level courses are numbered in the 300s. Students must have earned a high school diploma prior to enrollment and have fulfilled all posted prerequisites.

To Register:
See the Course List and click on the course numbers to read the course descriptions. Remember, if you are taking the course to get credit at your school, check with them to ensure that they will accept it for credit. Once you have selected an individual course, go to our Admissions page for further instructions.

Official Academic Record:
CALCampus automatically issues an official transcript for each course completed. This comes in the form of a hardcopy transcript of course completion with grade earned, signed and sealed by CALCampus administration. These are processed weekly.

Semester Credits:
Semester credits are included on our official academic records. Most CALCampus college level courses are designed for 3 semester credits, unless otherwise specified in the course description.

All CALCampus courses are graded. (A 94-100, A- 90-93.9, B+ 87-89.9, B 84-86.9, B- 80-83.9, C+ 77-79.9, C 74-76.9, C- 70-73.9...below 70% is not passing).

Clock Hours
See the Student Manual - Clock Hours/Time On Task.

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High School Courses

The CALCampus High School Division offers individual high school credit courses. Adult learners who have already earned their high school diploma may take our courses to fulfill college admissions and professional requirements. High school students, of course, may enroll in our high school courses.

For more information about our high school courses, see the Student Manual - High School Level Courses and Credit

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Postsecondary Certificate Program: TESOL

The following certificate program for career development is offered:

Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL)

For enrollment information, e-mail the Registrar @