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Current Course List

NOTE: In response to the large number of high school closures due to the current medical emergency, we are opening enrollments in many additional high school courses. These are listed with the 200-number designations. On a case-by-case basis, we will consider opening certain college courses (300-numbers) to upper level high school students who were taking advanced placement college courses in their local schools.

Questions: E-mail Registrar at or use our Request A Course form.

CALCampus courses are listed below with their prices and descriptions. You may begin at any time. Courses currently offered may change with periodic updates. To register for a course, fill out the Course Registration Form.

300-numbered courses are college credit courses: 3-semester credits each, unless otherwise noted.

200-numbered courses are high school credit courses or adult basic education.

Courses are 12 weeks in duration, but students may take longer, if needed.

CALCampus STUDENT ADMISSION (pay once with first course): $75
Course Prices: listed beside each course below.
Course Descriptions: click department headings or course numbers below.



High School Math Courses

MTH205 High School Algebra I $450
MTH207 Plane Geometry $450
MTH208 High School Algebra II $450
MTH210 Trigonometry $450
MTH215 Beginning Calculus I $450
MTH216 Beginning Calculus II $450

College Math Courses

MTH303 Basic College Mathematics $450
MTH304 Intermediate Algebra $450
MTH305 College Algebra $900
MTH306 Finite Mathematics $900
MTH307 College Geometry $900
MTH310 College Trigonometry $900
MTH311 Business Mathematics $900
MTH314 College Pre-Calculus (4 credits) $1200
MTH318 Business Calculus $900
MTH320 College Calculus I (3 credits) $900
MTH321 College Calculus II (3 credits) $900
MTH322 College Calculus III (3 credits) $900
MTH320+1 College Calculus I; 4th Credit (1 credit) $300
MTH321+2 Infinite Series and Calculus II Applications (2 credits) $600
MTH325 College Calculus I for Science and Math Majors (4 credits) $1200
MTH326 College Calculus II for Science and Math Majors (4 credits) $1200
MTH327 College Calculus III for Science and Math Majors (4 credits) $1200
MTH328 Linear Algebra (4 credits) $1200
MTH330 College Statistics $900
MTH335 Differential Equations I (4 credits) $1200
MTH336 Differential Equations II (4 credits) $1200
CSE306 Keyboarding & Word Processing Fundamentals $900


College Science

SH300 Essentials of Nutrition $900
SH301 Essentials of Medical Terminology $900
SH305 Concepts in Biochemistry $900 (includes instructional materials)
SH306 (aka SST306) Human Growth and Development $900
SH307 Introduction to Forensic Science $900
SH308 Environmental Science $900
SH310 College Chemistry $900
SH310L College Chemistry Lab (1 credit) $300
SH312 Organic Chemistry $900
SH313 Organic Chemistry Lab (1 credit) $300
SH315 College Physics $900
SH320 College Biology I $900
SH320L College Biology I Lab (1 credit) $300
SH321 College Biology II $900
SH321L College Biology II Lab (1 credit) $300
SH322 Fundamentals of Microbiology $900
SH323 Basic Practical Microbiology Lab (1 credit) $300
SH325 Basic Anatomy and Physiology (3 credits) $900
SH326 Basic Practical Anatomy and Physiology Lab (1 credit) $300
SH328 Biochemistry $900 (includes instructional materials)
SH329 Basic Practical Biochemistry Lab (1 credit) $300
SH330 Anatomy & Physiology I (4 credits) $1200
SH331 Anatomy & Physiology II (4 credits) $1200
SH334 Marine Biology (4 credits) $1200
SH335 Genetics $900
SH340 Pharmacology For Nurses I $900

High School Science

SH210 General Chemistry $450


RES305 Foundations of Research Writing $900


BU301 Principles of Management $900
BU333 Organizational Behavior $900
BU345 Marketing $900
BU355 Human Resource Management $900
RES305 Foundations of Research Writing $900

SST300 Introduction to Psychology $900
SST306 Human Growth & Development $900
SST312 Survey of World History $900
SST316 World Geography $900
SST318 College American Government $900

High School Social Science

SST207 Survey of American History $450
SST208 American Government $450
SST210 World History I $450
SST211 World History II $450


College English

EN300 College Basic English $450
EN310 College English Composition I $900
EN310ESL College English Composition I $900
EN311 Introduction to World Literature $900
EN312 Survey of American Literature $900
EN313 Survey of English Literature $900
TSL301 Principles of Second Language Learning and Teaching $900

High School English

EN200 Basic English I $450
EN200ESL Basic English I $450
EN201 Basic English II $450
EN201ESL Basic English II $450
EN210 High School English Composition $450
EN211 High School Introduction to World Literature $450
EN212 Survey of American Literature $450

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