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CALCampus School News

2009 - 2019

News about CALCampus, our courses and updates, faculty, and our students.

You will notice new courses that we have added which are in response to student requests. If you have a suggestion for a new course for possible consideration, let us know by clicking here: Suggest A Course.

See also our 2005-2008 archived news page. Click News Archive.
  • In May, CALCampus leadership hosted a successful accreditation renewal site visit. A team of professional educators from AdvancED visited our school in New Hampshire for an intentive three-day examination of the school and its stakeholders. We appreciate the depth and quality of the review, which will assist us in our continual school improvement activities over the next five years.
  • Our regional accreditation with NCA CASI/AdvancED is scheduled for renewal in 2019. Every five years, the accreditors visit our school for an intensive three-day evaluation for reaccreditation. We are in the process of doing a comprehensive self-study report in preparation for the next renewal site visit in May of 2019. All stakeholders, including students, faculty, and staff, are involved in the preparations for the reaccreditation site visit.
  • We continue to serve a growing number of students who are studying toward health and medical related degrees. Over the past two years, we have served students from a variety of universities, including University of Northern Colorado - Distance Dietetics Program, Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, Medical University of the Americas, Pennsylvania College of Technology, University of Michigan School of Public Health, Stony Brook University School of Nursing, University of the Sciences in Philadelpia, Medical College of Wisconsin, Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing, Goldfarb School of Nursing, Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine, Maryland University of Integrated Health, Barry University Physician Assistant Program, Salus Optometry School, St. Luke's College of Health Sciences, Touro College of Pharmacy, Barnes Jewish College of Nursing, Ross University Medical School.

    As we always say, students should get approval from their own university or college before registering for a course. The decision to accept a course in transfer is always made by the receiving institution and on an individual basis.
  • We are expanding our popular Science Department and adding General Pharmacology. This will be a fundamentals type course, covering the basics of pharmacology. If you have a suggestion for a new course to add to our curriculum, send it along to us for consideration by filling in this short form: Suggest A Course
  • SH335 GENETICS. In response to requests from students for a course in genetics, we have added SH335 Genetics. This is a 3-credit course. Professor Jody Klann developed this new course and is the instructor. For more details, read the course description for SH335 Genetics.
  • We have added an additional section of Biochemistry that uses a hardcopy textbook. For those students who prefer using hardcopy materials, enroll in Section 2 of SH328. Our popular SH328 Biochemistry, with materials provided online, is still available as Section 1.
  • In June, we were pleased to once again receive our New Hampshire school licensing renewal and approval, from the State of New Hampshire Higher Education Commission, Career School Licensing RSA 188-G:1-10, as a private non-degree granting distance learning postsecondary career school. The Commission's mission is to provide access to higher education and to ensure educational quality. Click here to see a copy of our State of New Hampshire Higher Education Commission License. This is an annual requirement for every licensed school in New Hampshire and entails providing very detailed data about the school. CALCampus has been licensed with New Hampshire Department of Education since 2003 and continues its long association with the Granite State.

  • NCA CASI Re-accreditation Site Visit: In March of 2014, we were pleased to host our five-year re-accreditation review and site visit from Advanc-ED/NCA CASI (North Central Association Commission on Accreditation and School Improvement). NCA CASI is a division of AdvancED. Advanc-ED also owns Northwest Accreditation Commission (NWAC) and the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Council on Accreditation and School Improvement (SACS CASI). The accrediting review team spoke with many CALCampus students, faculty, and staff during their visit with us. Thank you to all of our school community who participated in this important re-accreditation activity.
  • Feb. 2014: New Organic Chemistry Courses - we have added two new organic chemistry courses: SH312 Organic Chemistry (3 credits) and SH313 Organic Chemistry Lab (1 credit). SH312 provides a deeper study of organic chemistry than our SH311 Introductory Organic Chemistry. To accomplany SH312, we also added SH313 Organic Chemsitry Lab, thereby serving our students who need a 4-credit organic chemistry course. SH311 students may also take SH313, to expand upon their organic chemistry lab studies.
  • Feb. 2014: College Chemistry Lab - we have added a new 1-credit lab, SH310L College Chemistry Lab. This is in support of students who have expressed their need for a fourth credit in chemistry. Dr. Blank is the instructor for this new lab.

  • Jan. 2014: Proctored Exams - All midterm and final exams are now proctored.
  • Dec. 2013: Accreditation Renewal - we continue to work on our accreditation renewal activities for NCA CASI (a division of AdvancED). All accredited schools go through a five-year renewal. As part of this, we implemented mandatory course evaluations in 2013 and began phasing in proctored exams. We will be hosting our renewal visit next spring.
  • Nov. 2013: English Faculty News - Mrs. Shannon Voyles completed her doctoral studies. Dr. Voyles earned an Ed.D. in Educational Technology and E-Learning from Northcentral University. Congratulations, Shannon.
  • Sept. 2013: College Biology Labs - in reponse to the need for a fourth credit in college biology, we have added two 1-credit new labs: SH320L College Biology I Lab and SH321L College Biology II Lab. These labs are companions to our 3-credit SH320 College Biology I and SH321 College Biology II.
  • May 2013: Medical Terminology - in response to requests from our students in various health-related fields, we have added SH301 Essentials of Medical Terminology. Dr. Victor Brooks, a retired medical doctor and current head of our Science Department, developed and teaches this new course. We are pleased to serve so many nursing and allied health students to fulfill their prerequisites for attendance at other quality colleges around the country.
  • May 2013: Differential Equations - we serve many teachers and higher education students with our large selection of mathematics courses. Recently, we have added MTH336 Differential Equations II. This 4-credit course is a companion to our MTH335 Differential Equations I and is aimed at higher level math students. Dr. Elliot Benjamin, who holds a Ph.D. in Mathematics from the University of Maine, developed and teaches this new course.
  • April 2013: CALCampus became a member school with the Association of Christian Schools International in their Higher Education Program.

  • March 2013: Good news for Dr. Radovic-Markovic's Business students. Selected papers will be published in the International Journal. This is a peer-reviewed journal. Click here: International Review.The Journal is published twice a year in issues that contain peer reviewed articles and book reviews spanning the subject areas of Entrepreneurship, Employment, Education, Globalisation and international economic integration, Finance and Banking, Organization culture and behavior, Management, Environmental and ecological issues and other topics within the discipline of economics.
  • 06-12: We were pleased to host a site visit to our school from the New Hampshire Department of Education, Division of Higher Education - Career School Licensing. Ms. Kimberly Kenneally from Career School Licensing drove down from Concord and visited our school offices. Their department regularly makes site visits to licensed New Hampshire schools. We had a successful site visit and an enjoyable time.
  • 04-12: We have added another course to our popular Science Department: SH308 Ecology. Ms. Jody Klann developed and teaches this course. She also teaches SH334 Marine Biology; SH325 Basic Anatomy and Physiology: SH330 Anatomy & Physiology I; and SH331 Anatomy & Physiology II.
  • 2-12: We have revised our SST208 High School American Government course. This course includes the study of the US Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the Federalist Papers. Students seeking knowledge of the foundations of the US government will benefit from taking this course. Mr. Nat Giambalvo is the instructor for SST208.
  • 9-11: We are pleased to announce the addition of another course to our Mathematics Department: MTH329 Linear Algebra For Business Applications. This course was added in response to students' requests for a 3-credit linear algebra course aimed at non-math majors, such as business and social sciences majors. Thanks again to Dr. Eckhart for his continued contributions to the development of our Math Department.
  • 9-11: Social Sciences Department update: We have just added SST306 Human Growth and Development. Thanks to Dr. Yahia for development of this new course.
  • 5-11: In response to requests for 3-credit College Calculus III, we have added MTH322. Thanks to Dr. Eckhart for developing this new course.
  • 5-11: Our Mathematics Department Faculty continues to grow. Welcome our three newest instructors: Charles Wang, Nat Giambalvo, and Charles Keeley.
  • 4-11: High School Division has a new look. We are pleased to announce the arrival of our new High School Division Web Site. The site has been updated for easier access of information, as well as a new look. Mr. Matthew Nelson is the web developer of the new site. Thanks, Matthew.
  • 4-11: Our High School MTH202 Consumer Mathematics has been revised and uses a new textbook.
  • 4-11: CALCampus is now available at www.calcampus.edu.
  • 3-11: We have reopened enrollments for TSL305 ESL/EFL Course Development.
  • 3-11: High School Division: We have changed the URL for our High School Division to hs.calcampus.edu.
  • 2-11: Sheila Corwin has updated our popular TSL304 ESL/EFL Teaching Methods and Materials and it is open for enrollments.
  • 1-11: In response to requests from students for a biochemistry lab, Dr. Brooks has developed Basic Practical Biochemistry Lab. This new 1-credit lab adds a fourth credit for students needing four credits in biochemistry. SH329 complements our SH305 Concepts in Biochemistry and our upper level SH328 Biochemistry.
  • 1-11: We are pleased to welcome a new addition to our TESOL Faculty, Sheila Corwin. Ms. Corwin has been busy updating our TESOL Certificate Program courses and will be teaching in that program. Click here for more details about the CALCampus TESOL Certificate Program.
  • 12-10: Dr. Benjamin has developed a 2-credit transitional course, Infinite Series & Calculus II Applications, in response to requests from graduates of our 3-credit MTH320 and MTH321 who wish to pursue our 4-credit MTH326 College Calculus III for Science and Math Majors or our 4-credit MTH328 Linear Algebra.
  • 12-10: Dr. Carl Lindgren has updated RES300 Research Methodology, which now uses different textbooks. RES300 is a 3-credit college course which is cross-listed in Business, English, Social Science, and Natural Sciences. Many universities require a research methods course and RES300 is becoming quite popular.
  • 11-10: Dr. Benjamin has developed a 1-credit transitional course, MTH320+1 College Calculus I; 4th Credit, which was designed specifically for our graduates of 3-credit MTH320 College Calculus I who wish to enroll in our 4-credit MTH326 College Calculus II for Science and Math Majors.
  • 11-10: Mrs. Samantha Devoid has rewritten our popular SH320 College Biology I course. We strive for on-going improvement and we respond to our students' input and suggestions.
  • 10-10: We have added a new 4-credit Anatomy and Physiology I course (SH330) for students who need four credits with a lab in A&P. SH330 was developed by the newest member of our Postsecondary Science Department, Jody Klann, who resides in Chile, South America. We also continue to offer our popular 3-credit no lab Basic Anatomy and Physiology (SH325).
  • 10-10: In response to requests for a fourth credit of microbiology, Dr. Victor Brooks has developed a new 1-credit lab course, SH323 Basic Practical Microbiology Lab.
  • 10-10: Dr. Brooks has added many new PowerPoints to SH322 Fundamentals of Microbiology. We are happy to be serving many nursing students with this course.
  • 9-10: Mrs. Samantha Devoid has updated our high school SH210 General Chemistry. This is a popular course with adults who need it as a prerequisite for nursing and health-related college admissions.
  • 8-10: In our continued expansion of our Postsecondary Science Department, we welcome our newest faculty member, Dr. David Blank. Dr. Blank is teaching SH311 Introductory Organic Chemistry and SH310 College Chemistry. We are fortunate to attract such high quality faculty to CALCampus. Welcome, Dr. Blank!
  • 8-10: We are pleased to announce the addition of a new course in our Postsecondary Science Department: SH300 Essentials of Nutrition, developed by Dr. Victor Brooks
  • 5-10: Our Postsecondary Division Science Department is growing. This month, we have added a new course: SH305 Concepts in Biochemistry. This 3-credit college course adds a new dimension to our popular Science Department. SH305 was developed by Dr. Victor Brooks.
  • 3-10: We are pleased to announce the addition of a new faculty member to our Postsecondary Science Department: Dr. Robert Milofsky. Dr. Milofsky is the Chemistry Department Head at Fort Lewis College and is teaching SH310 College Chemistry here at CALCampus. We value the teaching and leadership experience that Dr. Milofsky brings to our Science Department. Welcome, Dr. Milofsky!
  • 3-10: Mr. Nicholas Bergan has updated our High School Statistics course (MTH230). MTH230 is a one-semester high school level course.
  • 8-09: We have added another new faculty member to our Mathematics Department: Mr. Jason Franklin. Mr. Franklin is teaching Calculus and Finite Mathematics. Welcome, Jason!
  • 7-09: Welcome to Melanie Dalager, who has joined our Mathematics Faculty. Ms. Dalager is teaching Basic College Mathematics, Intermediate Algebra, College Algebra, and Statistics for us. We appreciate her joining our faculty. Welcome, Melanie!
  • 5-09: Dr. Richard Eckhart has joined our Science Faculty and is now teaching SH315 College Physics. Dr. Eckhart also teaches in our Mathematics Department.

  • 5-09: Mr. Carlos Davis has rewritten and updated High School General Biology II course, SH221.
  • 4-09: Our Mathematics Department continues to grow with new courses and new faculty. We are pleased to announce the addition of Mr. Jeffery Smith. Welcome! Mr. Smith teaches Geometry, Algebra, and Trigonometry.
  • 2-09: We are pleased to have recently reopened enrollments for SH315 College Physics. The course has been updated.