Individual Course Registration Form: Part 1

Please fill out this form, which is part 1 of the process. Registration is not completed until after the student pays for the course and receives the course enrollment confirmation. When we receive this initial form, we will reply to you by e-mail with payment instructions or questions. Refer to the Current Course List for available courses with prices.

CALCampus is non-degree granting and is licensed by the New Hampshire Higher Education Commission, Career School Licensing. Check with your school or organization to get their approval for the particular course that you want to take before filling out this form.

Student Information

Name: Mr. Ms.
Middle Initial:

Date of Birth: mm/dd/yyyy
Age in Years:

Street/Apt/PO Box:
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Country (if not US:

Last 4 Digits of SS #:

Transcript Address

Upon completion of a course, one free course transcript, signed and sealed with grade, is mailed to your desired location. (Subsequent course transcripts cost a fee and must be requested separately in writing to Registrar.)
Student's Name OR School/Organization Name:
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Course Registration

Status: New Student in CALCampus Current/Prior Student in CALCampus
New Student Admission Fee: $75 (pay one time for a new student)
Course Number:
Course Title:
New Student Admission Fee $: ($75 if a new student, $0 otherwise)
+ Course Registration Fee $: (from current course list)
Total $:

Student Acknowledgment

All students are required to acknowledge by their signature that they understand the mission and purpose of CALCampus, will abide by school policies, and that they have read the course description, read the CALCampus catalog online (i.e. web site), and have read the Student Manual posted online, before registering for a course. Students also confirm that they have fulfilled the PRE-REQUISITES with at least a grade of C for the course as posted in the course description. You are responsible for knowing and following the school policies. We enforce school policies for all students. Please confirm by your signature below.

___I have read and understand the relevant course description posted online and have fulfilled any pre-requisites posted with the description. I have read the CALCampus Catalog online (i.e. web site) and the Student Manual. I understand the school's mission and purpose and that CALCampus courses are state licensed by the New Hampshire Higher Education Commission, Career School Licensing. I read and understand English. I confirm by my signature that I will abide by school policies posted in the Student Manual.
Official Typed Signature of Student (Complete Name Required):

Important Information For Transferring Courses

If taking a course for transfer into another school or for an organization, check with them to get approval before registering.

Have you received approval from your school/organization for this course? Type: Yes/No/Not Applicable:

Reason For Taking Course: College Credit High School Credit Home School Credit
Professional Dev General Review Job Requirement
High School Prerequisite for College or Job Personal
Name of College or High School (if for use at a college or high school)

Verify here that you can devote at least 12 weeks to this course (6 weeks for 1-credit labs). Thank you.

Where did you hear about us? If by search engine, which one?

Each student is required to do his/her own work in all homework assignments, projects, and exams. Answers to questions are to be written in your own words so that instructors can determine that you indeed understand the information you are studying. Copying verbatim from an instructional source or from others (unless specifically requested by the parameters of the assignment and with appropriate citation of sources used) is not acceptable and is grounds for administrative removal from course enrollment with no refund.

Exams are proctored.

a. Drop requests must be in writing. All monies paid by the student, minus a $25 drop fee and new student admission fee, will be refunded if requested within 7 days of course confirmation. The drop request is to be sent to the Registrar in writing and may be submitted by e-mail, fax, or surface mail (postal date is considered date of request). The Registrar will acknowledge receipt by e-mail; if you do not receive an e-mailed acknowledgment, we have not received your request and you should call us.

b. Beyond one week from your course confirmation, we follow a pro rata refund policy (see Pro Rata Refund Policy), which is based on the number of weeks from date of course confirmation; not on the work you have or have not done. There is no refund after 6 weeks from the date of course confirmation, regardless of how much work you have or have not done.

CALCampus does not guarantee employment upon completion of any of its courses or programs; nor do we claim to be any type of employment agency.

Plan ahead.

See Completion Time

Do not submit batches of work. They will not be accepted and you might receive a grading penalty, at the discretion of the instructor.

We do not allow accelerated completions.

Allow up to 15 business days for processing your final grade and your transcript. This means that you should allow a minimum of 15 weeks for the total duration from date of course enrollment confirmation to processing of the transcript.

CALCampus will contact you through e-mail with confirmation of your Admission and Course Registration within 1-2 business days of receipt of your registration and payment. If you don't hear from the Registrar within 48 hours, please e-mail or call us. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to serve your academic needs.

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